Selenium with Python

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On course completion you will be an expert in Selenium with python automation testing. Course is designed in such a way that the user does not required to have any prior understanding of python scripting.This Course explains Python from basic to advance, Element locators, buy essay paper Web-driver API, Data driven and keyword driven framework with POM.

In today's competitive environment, companies need software testers having knowledge of Selenium with Python/Java/Ruby, this course going to make you ready to perform basic to advance level QA activities essays writer using Selenium-Python scripting.



  • Python scripting
  1. Why we need to learn Python?
  2. What is Python?
  • Setup Automation environment
  1. Selenium IDE & Firebug installation
  2. JDK Setup
  3. Eclipse Setup
  4. Python and Pydev setup
  5. Selenium Installation with Python
  • Python Programming Kickoff
  1. Python programming kickoff
  2. Python Coding guidelines
  3. Variables in python
  4. Working with String
  5. Function in python
  6. Python List
  7. Tuple
  8. Dictionary in python
  9. Condition Handling
  10. Loops
  • Advance Python Programming
  1. Functions
  2. File handling
  3. Read data from excel
  4. Write data to excel file
  5. Exception handling in python
  6. Class and Object
  7. Module
  8. Inheritance in Python
  9. Overriding in python
  10. Python: Reading data from configuration file
  • Working with Element Locators
  1. Selenium Introduction
  2. Selenium IDE
  3. What is Element Locator
  4. Locate Element by ID
  5. Locate Element by Name
  6. Locate Element by Class Name
  7. Locate Element by Link
  8. Locate Element by CSS
  9. Locate Element by Xpath – Part 1
  10. Locate Element by Xpath – Part 2
  11. Locate Element by Xpath – Part 3
  12. Locate Element by Xpath – Part 4
  13. Locate Element by Xpath – Part 5
  • KickOff Selenium Webdriver
  1. Webdriver Introduction
  2. First selenium test case with FirefoxDriver
  3. Selenium test case with ChromeDriver
  4. Selenium test case with IEDriver
  5. Selenium test case with UnitTest
  • Selenium Webdriver Advance
  1. Working with Checkbox, Radio button and Dropdown
  2. Apply inheritance in test cases
  3. Implement Page Object model(POM)
  4. Manage Element Locators
  5. Create Test Suite
  6. Generate execution report
  • Python Programming exercise
  1. Exercise 1: Check even odd
  2. Exercise 2: Generate grading system
  3. Exercise 3: Generate Fibonacci series
  • Python Testing Project: Generate Test data
  1. Test data generation in python-1
  2. Test data generation in python-2
  3. Test data generation in python-3
  4. Test data generation in python-4
  • Step by Step Python Docs
  1. What is Python
  2. Configure Pydev on Eclipse
  3. String in Python
  4. List | Tuple | Dictionary
  5. Read/ Write Excel file
  6. OOPS in Python
  7. Navigating and Locating Webdriver element
  8. Wait in Webdriver
  9. String in Details
  10. Database connectivity in Python : MySql
  11. File Red/Write Operations


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